5 pieces of tack strip. One side got d, so you may want to cut off 6 inches. One 8 foot pice of decorative trim, 1 14 inches wide, primed.Tell me what time you want to pick them up, and they are yours.
We have a large paper bag full of old swatch card sheets of fabrics and sequin trim. All trim swatches and fabric swatches must be removed from the heavy paper sheets. There are pieces large enough to use on doll clothes and similar craft projects. Sequin, fringe and metallic trims included. If you can use these - we love to give them FREE to you. First to set up a pick up appointment during ou...
Free corner shelf for your dining room, living room or kitchen. Remove the trimming on the edge or add something new to make it look like new Must bring your own dolly to remove it. We do not deliver -- email if interested.