AVILABLE 12week old $25each ameraucana and Easter Egger hens there is 2 young EE roos available $15eachAmeraucana for 2019, Every backyard flock needs a colored egg layer Ameraucana will give give you an assortment of colors from robin blue, to turquoise, to olive. The Ameraucana breed comes from a mix and has different color plumage variations. APPROX. 240 MEDIUMLARGE EGGS perYEAR MATURE WT MA...
8 cup waterer for poultry - chicken, pheasant, etc. These 8 long waterers are an efficient and cleaner way to provide drinking water for your birds. It helps keep the litter dry and can be used with day-old chicks as they are immediately attracted to the shiny trigger pin overhead. This totally enclosed automatic drinking system has 16 red drinking cups along the line. This can handle 15 to 20 ...
Farm fresh cage free chicken eggs. Hormone and antibiotic free. Multi colored and a variety of sizes. Eggs collected daily. Selling for $4 per dozen. Can sell half dozens by request. Eggs are washed just prior to purchase to ensure the freshest eggs. Buyer to pick up
$699- 5' H, 4' W, 4' L http://www.ranch-coop.com/A-shippable-4x4.html $799- 5' H, 4' W, 6' L http://www.ranch-coop.com/4x6-and-5-feet-tall-chicken-coop.html $1580- 5' H, 4' W, 10' L http://www.ranch-coop.com/large-chicken-coop-.html Call us if you have any questions. Pat 214-213-1360 Or text Jennifer at 903-458-1716 PS. The chickens in the pictures are not included : )
Clean, not torn, perfect 18 count egg cartons .40 each 12 count .35. Good for crafts, plant starters, eggs Have a lot in excellent condition.Will ship at buyers expense.Buy from owner and avoid businessshop costs. CashCarry.70 for $30.00. One 30 count with cover free.Have frozen foods for sale suitable for animal or chicken feed.
50 bags call - text - e- mail Will take ur unwanted bagsThe corn thats been raised since the 1800sCattle, pigs, chickens, feed , all