Items Wanted in Minneapolis, MN

22-Feb-2018 Eagan, MN (14 miles) Items Wanted
Would love to find tools for spinning fiber into yarn! Just starting out, but looking for the basics. If you are cleaning out your attic or Grandma's house and come across fiber tools, I'd love to pick them up! My husband could probably fix it if it's broken. Thanks so much!
Hi I m looking for a train table for my son, that you don t use anymore or is collecting dust I ll be glad to take it
Train case, cosmetic case, suitcase, any color
I'm looking for computers from the 70s - early 2000s. Some examples are PCs with Pentium III or older processor, older macs, Amiga, Commodore etc. It is Ok if computer is broken or is missing components (hard drive is a common example). I'm also interested in old expansion cards/parts from the same time-range, video/sound/motherboards etc. If you believe your items have some value, then let me ...
21-Feb-2018 White Bear Lake, MN (17 miles) Items Wanted
WANTED: I am in need of purchasing a Yamaha XL-V ( XLV )540 windshield. This is a rose colored 21.5" windshield. I will pay generously.
21-Feb-2018 Anoka, MN (19 miles) Items Wanted
If you've bagged your leaves from this past fall and want us to take some off your hands, please let me know. Our goats love them
WANTED : Old CD Drives for Stepper Motors Hello, my name is Justin Taylor. I represent a group of Lakeville South High School seniors who are part of the STEM Capstone Program. We are making 3D printers from computer parts for our local Elementary school. A core part of this are the stepper motors from old CD drives. The more of these we can collect, the more printers we can make. Any help woul...
21-Feb-2018 St Paul, MN (14 miles) Items Wanted
I am wondering if anyone has this book or any of Dave's books to give away. I can pick it up from you. Thanks everyone!
My neighbor's XBox 360 broke, and she cannot afford to get a new one for her daughter. If anyone has an XBox, she would appreciate it.
Looking for a 20 gallon or larger reptile aquarium/terrarium
Looking for a few parts to keep this old rider going. 1- Hood hinge 1- Lens assembly Airbox silencer Let me know what you have available. Send me an email take out 77 Thanks VS
20-Feb-2018 Shakopee, MN (19 miles) Items Wanted
looking for moving/packing boxes
20-Feb-2018 Nowthen, MN (22 miles) Items Wanted
I'm looking for a hood on a 1973 Moto-ski. I live in the suburbs of Minneapolis. Let me know if you have one available. Thanks
20-Feb-2018 Eagan, MN (14 miles) Items Wanted
Hi, I m new to creating art from jewelry pieces. I m seeking anything & everything. Of course I m also willing to pay as well. Thx!
19-Feb-2018 St Paul, MN (14 miles) Items Wanted
Our school is collecting used shoes for a fundraiser and needs another 2000 pairs to reach our goal. Shoes will be gratefully accepted until March 1st at 1031 Como Ave, St Paul. Anything from flip flops to snow boots. Donated shoes will go to funds2org to be repurposed.
We will be moving around March 1st and could use some moving boxes. Willing to pick up in SW metro. Thank you in advance!
I have always wanted to play the cello and have decided 2018 is the year I am going to learn how to play; unfortunately, I cannot afford to purchase one. If anyone has a cello that is not being used and would like to find it a new home, please let me know. Thank you very much!
My son's elementary school is having a book drive. If you have any books to donate, please let me know. Thanks!
17-Feb-2018 St Paul, MN (14 miles) Items Wanted
I'm in need of a four-wheeled walker with a seat, the type you often see used by seniors. Must fold up for transport. Please let me know what you might have, thank you!
17-Feb-2018 St Paul, MN (14 miles) Items Wanted
I want to learn how to make sourdough and need a starter.
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